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Evening event for Kiki

Saturday 18th November

Kiki's story;
"On 1st December 2022, then eight years old Kiki came home from school with stomach pains. The next day we were in A&E with appendicitis. Scans then releavled that both her kidneys were completely compacted with cysts. Later in the year our family holiday was cut short when Kiki had a major seizure and lost consciousness. At home, we were told it was epilepsy and were put on a waiting list to see a paediatrician.
After consulting with Arrow Park and private paediatrician, Kiki was diagnosed with focal epilesy and a tumour was found in her brain. Later, a seond tumour was found in her fourth ventricle. The first tumour is stable, but the second has grown by 10%. In a few months, Kiki will undergo a life saving operation to remove the tumour. As her family, we want her to get as heathy as possible before she undergoes this operation.
We are currently fundraising in the hopes of purchasing a at home hyperbalic oxygen chamber. For Kiki to currently recieve this treatment, we pay £50 a day and undertake a two hour round trip. We hope to purchase a chamber for at home use, so Kiki can continue to recieve this treatment and get as healthy as possible ahead of her surgery."

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