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If you need an emergency foodbank parcel please get in touch with our food bank lead via email.
Or alternatively you can follow the links below to go directly to the Trussell Trust website.

Food & Kids Bank: Text

Food bank and Kids bank

Offering people a hand up, not a hand out.

Food bank

At the people's pantry, we are very passionate about helping people, we work closely with The Trussell Trust to bring your local food bank closer to you. If you are struggling at the moment and feel like you need any help please contact We want to help put an end to UK hunger.

Follow the link below for more information from The Trussel Trust.


Kids bank

We are working alongside Kids Bank Chester to bring some extra support to families. We can help with nappies and wipes. If you need more assistance we can refer you for help with formula.
If you would like to know more email or follow the link below to the Kids Bank Chester.

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Food & Kids Bank: Services & Programs
Food & Kids Bank: Pro Gallery
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